Prospective Students

You might be a good fit for a research assistant position in the lab if any of the following describe you.

  • Interested in stress, development, and mental or physical health
  • Want to learn more about research methods and statistical analyses
  • Like to read, discuss, and write about scientific articles on psychological topics
  • Would like hands-on experience with research participants
  • Have ideas about potential independent research projects relevant to the lab’s research aims

UPDATE Fall 2018: We are currently seeking a new research assistant for an experimental study with teens called “Early Experiences, Personality, and Health.” Research assistants are expected to commit at least 5 hours per week to working in the lab (for course credit or as a volunteer) throughout the semester and to make at least a two-semester commitment to the study, with longer involvement preferred. Research tasks would include interacting with adolescent participants and managing data. If you are interested in this position, please complete the application below and either submit it to my faculty mailbox in the Psychology Department, or email me a copy at

Raposa EEPH application